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Risks of Periodontal Diseases to Pregnant Women

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Evan
Risks of Periodontal Diseases to Pregnant WomenPregnancy comes with lots of hormonal changes that actually risk a pregnant woman developing gingivitis as well as periodontal diseases. These are gum tissue inflammations that are typically linked to low birth rates and preeclampsia. The problems however are activated by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, they make teeth sensitive and gum swell.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

A good number of pregnant women will result in swelling of the gums, which causes bleeding. In most cases, bleeding gums will be a result of plaque that builds up on teeth. Using a soft bristled brush and avoiding brushing aggressively can actually help. One can consider brushing at least twice daily as it can help remove the buildup that comes with bacteria. Whenever a soft bristled brush is used, bleeding can be controlled as during pregnancy there is normally lots of blood in the body.

Preterm and Low Birth Weight Baby

A good number of researchers have agreed that pregnant women who may be affected by the periodontal disease will have an increased risk of obstetric complications for instance preterm baby which has low birth weight. This is a great concern as babies who are born with a weight that is less than 5.5 pounds will most likely develop long term disabilities for instance poor social growth, learning problems, and poor motor skill development. Preterm babies will have the same risks including loss of vision, hearing as well as digestive tract complications and respiratory issues.

It is important to however note that dental care during pregnancy is very important and considered safe. This can play a great role in the removal of plaque and bacteria that cause periodontal complications. Thus having regular dental appointments would help in the cleaning process and overall pregnancy period. The dentist will also help in recommending other procedures that play a role in keeping you and the baby healthy through the pregnancy session.

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