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Benefits of Using Laser Technology in Treating Periodontitis

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
Benefits of Using Laser Technology in Treating PeriodontitisPeriodontal disease is a form of gum disease that attacks the gums and the structures supporting the teeth. Periodontitis can cause tooth loss, gum deterioration, and bone loss. There are several treatment procedures for periodontitis, both non-surgical and surgical. Non-surgical treatment includes tooth scaling and root planning. Surgical treatments are used in severe cases. Laser technology is the latest invention in treating periodontitis. Laser treatment involves pointing a beam of light at a targeted area to remove bacteria and decayed tissue. There are several benefits to using later technology in treating periodontitis.

Reduced Bleeding and Swelling

Laser technology is less invasive than other treatment procedures. It involves pointing a beam of light to a specific area. This causes less bleeding and swelling, which makes patients more comfortable.

Faster Healing

Laser treatment provides faster healing time than using traditional treatment methods. One of the reasons is that it is less invasive. This reduces the risk of infections. Another reason is that dental lasers seal the wounds behind them and prompt the blood to clot. This eliminates the need for traditional stitching, minimizing bleeding and swelling. All these work together to facilitate quicker healing.

Precise and Targeted Treatment

Laser treatment is extremely precise. It targets the affected areas, removing bacteria and leaving unaffected tissues untouched. This makes it a safer treatment for periodontitis as it reduces the risk of damage to healthy tissues.

Reduced Risk of Infection

The high-intensity light used in laser treatment sterilizes the infected area, killing bacteria and reducing the risk of infection. Because it is less invasive, laser treatment does not spread the infection to otherwise healthy tissues.

Reduced Pain

Laser treatment causes less pain than other treatment procedures. It is less invasive, leading to less damage to the gums and teeth. This causes less discomfort during and after the procedure. This makes it a favored treatment option for patients who are nervous or scared about dental procedures.

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