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Ways You Are Secretly Harming Your Teeth

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
Ways You Are Secretly Harming Your TeethYou may be diligent about maintaining the twice-a-year visits to a dentist and brushing and flossing perfectly, but still, you could be damaging your teeth and gums in other ways. A majority of patients are astonished when the dentist tells them their oral health efforts are not yielding good outcomes because of other bad behaviors.

Even as you continue to adhere to your at-home brushing and flossing routine and scheduled, regular checks by a dentist, you need also to keep watch over your oral health habits. These common habits are harmful to your oral health.

Brushing too Hard

A common way in which people damage their teeth is by brushing aggressively or improperly. The American Dental Association says that people should brush two times daily, with each session lasting two full minutes. If you brush too hard, too long, or too often, you begin to damage the tooth enamel and irritate or even tear the gums.

As a result, you may have tooth sensitivity, cavities, and receding gums. Therefore, brush gently, ensuring that you angle the brush towards the gums to reach out to both gums and teeth while brushing.

Jaw Clenching and Grinding of Teeth

Bruxism, a condition in which an individual clenches their jaw and grinds their teeth, has an adverse impact on the teeth. The extreme pressure you put on teeth while clenching or grinding can contribute to tiny fractures on the teeth. Similarly, the friction arising from tooth grinding tends to shave down the enamel layer. Worn-out enamel and tooth fractures make the teeth vulnerable to cavities, breakage, and bacteria.

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

People intentionally use their teeth as an opener for soda bottles or Amazon packages, but it is inappropriate to do so. You could easily crack teeth, weaken them, or experience jaw injuries. Additionally, you may introduce harmful bacteria into the mouth.

There are many ways you could be damaging the teeth and gums. Contact us to get help with your gum and teeth health or visit our periodontist for more information.

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