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Implants Timeline: How Soon After Extraction Can You Get An Implant?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Evan
Implants Timeline: How Soon After Extraction Can You Get An Implant? The placement of dental implants involves numerous steps. A dentist will determine the steps you need after examining the teeth and jaw as well as the gums. There may be preceding procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lift and socket or alveolar ridge augmentation. When a dentist extracts a tooth, you may be wondering how soon you should get the implant.

Timescale for Implant Placement after Extraction

Typically, it takes around 3 to six months for an extraction and the tissue to heal to a point of placing the implant. A dentist places the implants in the jaw by making holes in the bone to allow the posts to fit snugly. A dentist inserts the screws when there is adequate bone to allow stability and hold the dental implants properly.

If you are undergoing procedures like alveolar ridge augmentation, sinus lift, or bone grafting, you may have to wait for several months so that complete healing occurs before the implant placement. Besides, if you have existing dental issues like gum disease, a dentist first addresses them. This means there is additionally waiting for an implant procedure. A prosthodontist is able to determine how long it takes for you to get dental implants. It can be up to six or nine months or even more depending on your individual case.

Immediate Implant Loading

In some cases, a dentist can place the implants immediately after extraction. Immediate loading of dentures has become common among patients because people want to get quick treatment to allow them to resume their normal bite function without waiting long. Immediate implant placement means that you go home with a set of teeth on that same day of the extraction. These restorations are known as same-day implants. To find out the time you can take to get your implants, talk with our prosthodontist.

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