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What Does Gingival Flap Surgery Entail?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Dr. Gopin
A man in dental chair preparing for gingival flap surgeryGum disease can be devastating, especially in its advanced stage. It can cause tooth loss, loose teeth, deteriorated jawbone, and overly deep pockets between the gums and teeth. In some cases, standard procedures like scaling, root planing, and antibiotics may be ineffective in treating the problem. Gingival flap surgery, or gum flap surgery, is one of the surgical procedures that your dentist may recommend.

What Is the Process of Gingival Flap Surgery?

This treatment option involves making small cuts in the gum tissue to create a flap. The flap then provides access to the teeth roots and the underlying bone, enabling the surgeon to remove plaque, tartar, and infected tissue. The dentist may also reshape any damaged bone, reposition the flap, and suture it back into place.

Our dentists will use local anesthesia as it is a relatively minor surgery. Patients who have trouble relaxing through the surgery may be given some light sedation. Recovery takes several weeks, and some swelling and discomfort are expected for a few days after the procedure. However, following the post-procedure instructions and cleaning the surgical site by rinsing with saltwater solutions can hasten the recovery.

How Does Gingival Flap Surgery Help?

Gingival flap surgery removes deep pockets and diseased tissues, preventing further deterioration of gum health. Moreover, the surgery can help save teeth that may have otherwise been lost due to the ravages of periodontitis.

Gum recession caused by gum disease can lead to an uneven gum line and a poor aesthetic appearance of the mouth. During gingival flap surgery, the gum line will be repaired to look more natural.

Get Professional Help Today

Gingival flap surgery is undoubtedly a valuable gum treatment option for advanced gum disease. Before proceeding with the procedure, it is advisable first to seek the opinion of a dentist to ensure you are ready for the surgery. Call us today for a dental consultation and to learn more about the procedure.

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