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Ways to Combat Denture Odors

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Dr. Gopin
Ways to Combat Denture OdorsLike natural teeth, your dentures are susceptible to bad breath caused by the accumulation of mouth bacteria. These bacteria will stick on the nooks of your dentures, causing a foul odor if you do not clean your dentures correctly. Also, dry mouth, which is a common issue affecting denture wearers, can cause bad breath due to the reduced salivary flow.

Reduced saliva production encourages bacterial multiplication due to the acidic mouth environment. Poorly fitting dentures can also irritate your gums and cause sores that will become infected if untreated, resulting in bad breath. If you are suffering from bad breath as a denture wearer, you can combat this by taking a break from your dentures, properly cleaning your dentures, and scheduling appointments with us for oral care.

Take a Break from Your Dentures

You should remove your dentures every day for a minimum of 6 hours. While removed, you can take this opportunity to clean your dentures and your gums. Failure to remove your dentures when you sleep at night will allow bacteria accumulation. While it is ideal to clean your dentures after every meal, a once per day cleaning in the evening is adequate. However, you can rinse your mouth between meals with an antibacterial mouthwash to remove food particles between your gum and dentures and prevent bacterial accumulation. To combat denture odor, you should also soak your dentures in a denture cleanser tablet, brush, and rinse them. Cleanser tablets eliminate most of the bacteria, keeping your breath fresh.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

As a denture wearer, you should continue with regular dental visits to ensure good oral health. During your visit, we will check your denture fit to ensure that they fit well and do not cause oral sores. We will also inspect your gum's health and your other teeth if you are wearing partial dentures to ensure they are in good health. If your dentures are worn out, we will either repair or replace them as worn-out dentures can host bacteria causing bad breath. For more details on combating denture odors, contact our office today.

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