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How Inflamed Gums Affect the Rest of Your Mouth

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Dr. Gopin
How Inflamed Gums Affect the Rest of Your MouthInflamed gums can affect how the rest of your mouth feels as well. That is because gingival inflammation's soreness and pain leads to problems with chewing and a great deal of discomfort when you brush and floss.

An Oral Chain Reaction

When your gums become inflamed because of gum disease, a type of oral chain reaction occurs. After all, your mouth is the portal to the rest of your body, so there is a mouth-body link in this regard. If the gums become inflamed, it causes you to brush and floss less, which leads to problems with dental decay and sensitivity. In turn, you can also suffer from bad breath because of the accumulation of odor-causing germs and bacteria.

Gum Infections and Bleeding

Inflamed gums can also bleed and become infected, which causes further problems with dental care and leads to gingival abscesses and abscesses at the roots of the teeth. Therefore, before things get too out of control, you should visit us to arrange a comprehensive periodontal evaluation (CPE), especially when you notice any sign of inflammation or gum soreness. By evaluating your gums, we can determine their overall health and prevent future oral health problems by scheduling the proper therapies.

What Happens During a CPE?

When a CPE is performed, we use a probe to measure your gums' pocket depths. The deeper the center, the more serious the gum disease or gum problem. This type of measurement allows us to stop gum disease before it gets worse. Advanced gum disease will not resolve on its own. That is why you need to schedule a CPE to see where you stand with respect to your periodontal health and health overall. Undergoing this exam supports better periodontal health and results in better dental outcomes.

If you have not scheduled a CPE before, now is a good time to do so. Contact us today to arrange a periodontal appointment and consultation. We can book a time that will fit in with your busy schedule.

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