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Benefits of Gingival Flap Surgery

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Dr. Gopin
Benefits of Gingival Flap SurgeryWhile gum disease is curable at an early stage, its advancement can result in severe gum and teeth damage. The condition will destroy the bone tissue and ligaments surrounding your teeth and cause tooth loss if you do not seek treatment. To treat gum disease, we will recommend scaling and planning. However, if the disease is uncontrollable with these options, then a gingival flap surgery is ideal. Gingival flap surgery is beneficial in repairing periodontal pockets and regenerating ligaments.

Repair Of Periodontal Pockets

Usually, we will recommend a gingival flap surgery if you have moderate to severe gum disease. We will check the symptoms before proceeding with treatment, including gum inflammation and bleeding, tooth sensitivity and mobility, tooth loss, and persistent bad breath. We will then measure the pockets around your teeth and examine your oral and overall health before considering you as an ideal candidate for this surgery. To perform the procedure, we will administer anesthesia to ease any discomfort. We will then make a flap-like incision in your gum tissue and remove the diseased tissue. We will then clean the tooth root through the incision by removing calculus and disinfect the area with antibiotics before closing the flap.

Regeneration Of Ligaments

Gingival flap surgery also aids in the regeneration of periodontal bone tissue and ligaments. To achieve this, we will either use growth factors or do a bone graft. This way, we will restore your gum to its normal shape and function, promoting secure tooth support. After the surgery, it will take a few days to recover, during which you should maximize rest. We will administer painkillers and antibiotics to ensure smooth healing. A few days after the surgery, we will remove the stitches, after which your gums should heal and regain their pink color. After treatment, you should continue practicing good oral hygiene to prevent the reoccurrence of gum disease. For more details on gingival flap surgery, contact our office today.

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