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What Leads a Tooth to Go Numb?

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Dr. Gopin
What Leads a Tooth to Go Numb?Has your tooth ever gone numb? It is an interesting sensation. I'm sure you've had your legs go numb after sitting cross legged for a time. When you finally move them, they don't respond immediately, and it almost feel like they're asleep. You may feel some tingling and you may feel a prickling sensation after a few minutes. When your tooth is numb, you generally cannot feel anything. When you bite down, it may feel like your tooth is not even there.

Reasons Your Tooth Could go Numb

Your teeth are living structures in your mouth, they contain blood vessels and nerves. If your tooth is numb, it may be an indication that your tooth has a problem. In some cases, a numb tooth indicates that it is not receiving the blood and nutrients it needs to stay alive. It is not uncommon for your tooth to go numb temporarily if you have incurred an injury to your face or a specific tooth.

Another reason your tooth may go numb could be traced to decay and poor oral hygiene. Your tooth may be dying, or already dead if it is numb. If you have an untreated cavity, eventually it can affect the pulp of the tooth. If the inside of your tooth becomes infected, the tooth can die. If this is the case, you may experience a sharp toothache and possibly a numb tooth.

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Call our office to get treatment for your numb tooth as soon as possible. If the tooth is left untreated the bacteria from a dead tooth could spread to other teeth and cause bigger and more serious problems. We want to help your toothache as well assess your total dental condition. We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have about a numb tooth as well as any other dental issues you may be facing.

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