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How Regular Alcohol Use Can Contribute to Receding Gums

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Evan
How Regular Alcohol Use Can Contribute to Receding GumsWhile moderate consumption of alcohol does minimal damage to your health, alcohol is generally not considered healthy. There are many serious health conditions that are linked to the consumption of alcohol. These conditions can affect your liver, blood sugar, lungs, or your brain. What many people don't know is that regular alcohol consumption contributes to receding gums. The more alcohol you consume, the more your gums are in danger.

Alcohol and Receding Gums

Oral health and excessive alcohol consumption do not mix well. In fact, many studies have linked regular intake of alcohol to receding gums. In one study done on 250 individuals, it was found that the 130 regular alcohol consumers had receding gums problems. Furthermore, individuals that already had gum disease experienced an acceleration of the condition due to alcohol consumption. This is a clear indicator that alcohol causes gum recession and worsens gum disease.
But, how does this happen? Alcohol is a highly acidic drink with a pH level of less than 2. Naturally, acidic conditions are dangerous to your oral health because they cause erosion. Gums are one of the casualties of acidic oral conditions. When exposed to these conditions, gums could shrink and reduce in size. This exposes a larger part of your teeth, causing other conditions like tooth sensitivity. You will experience a sharp pain when eating hot or cold foods. Gum recession is also dangerous because it affects your smile.

Regular consumption of alcohol poses many other risks to your oral health other than gum recession. For instance, it can wear down your tooth enamel, a tough protective layer that keeps your tooth safe. Once the enamel is damaged, your tooth will be susceptible to bacteria. This could end up causing tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. Therefore, it is important to limit alcohol consumption or quit it altogether. Visit our offices for more information on how alcohol causes gum recession.

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