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What Are Your Anaesthetic Options for Oral Surgery?

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Evan
What Are Your Anesthetic Options for Oral Surgery?We perform certain surgeries only in the presence of anesthetic medications, due to the risk of severe pain. It is common for people to be a bit intimidated by such procedures, but when administered by experienced surgeons, it is completely safe. The right dose of anesthesia before a dental surgery can help you relax and be at ease while our dentists go through the surgical procedure. Although there could be some side effects to using anesthesia, they are an imperative part of oral surgeries due to their sedative properties.

Commonly Used Anesthetics in Oral Surgery

Local anesthesia is a type of numbing medication that we may use during minor surgeries, such as filling up cavities. We administer it directly into the area that is under treatment, which is usually the gums or near the infected tissue. You will retain your consciousness under local anesthesia and will have lower sensitivity in the affected area. On occasion we add nitrous oxide to your mix of local anesthesia, also called laughing gas.

When in need of a deeper anesthesia, our dentists will go with IV sedation, and administer it using an intravascular catheter. Patients may experience a slight gap or loss of memory under the effect of this anesthetic agent. It is commonly used when our dentists need a slightly more potent alternative to local anesthetics. IV sedatives can reduce anxiety in patients and relax their muscles thus greatly increasing the efficiency of oral surgeries.

General anesthesia is typically used for major surgeries which can last longer and are significantly more painful. In this case, you will lose consciousness and will have no memory of the surgery. Surgeries involving wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, and other intensive operations, usually need a much deeper and long-lasting sedative agent.

General anesthesia uses IV sedatives, however in slightly altered amounts to achieve a deep sedation in patients. To learn more about your anesthetic options, please contact us today.

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