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When is Soft Tissue Grafting Necessary?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Evan
When is Soft Tissue Grafting Necessary?Besides bone grafting procedures, our periodontist offers soft tissue grafting to patients who need it. Soft tissue grafting provides many benefits to patients depending on the dental problems being addressed. A gum graft involves transplanting soft tissues picked from the mouth to the area where the gums are receding or are being affected by periodontal disease. Often, a periodontist will extract the donor tissue from the root of your mouth. This process is referred to as subepithelial connective tissue grafting. It is a common type of procedure and has an excellent success rate.

When do you Need Gum Grafting?

When receiving treatment for severe gum disease or periodontitis, soft tissue grafting may be needed. In a majority of patients, gum recession occurs gradually and oftentimes goes unnoticed. A lack of supporting tissue tends to harm the health of your teeth. It makes the structure of the teeth less stable. Eventually, you may lose your tooth if you do not treat gum recession and periodontitis.

You will need gum grafts if you have exposed roots. Without an adequate amount of healthy gingival covering your teeth' roots, you may experience tooth sensitivity. Gingival recession will lead to bone loss. Therefore, a graft procedure helps place new soft tissue to help cover the roots and encourage the growth of healthy gum tissue. You may also receive a soft tissue graft for cosmetic adjustment. If the crown appears elongated because of gum disease or gum recession, soft tissue grafting can help create balance in your smile, ensuring a proportional natural look.

Do you want to learn more about gum grafting and determine whether you need it not? Consult with our periodontal team? Our periodontist will perform an examination to see the kind and extent of damage you have on your gums and advise you on the appropriate treatment, including gum grafting, if need be.

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