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Setting The Record Straight On Root Canal Treatments

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Evan
Setting The Record Straight On Root Canal TreatmentsOne of the dental procedures that win in their game is the root canal treatment. It is a valuable tool that helps save teeth that a person would otherwise lose. And contrary to what many people may think, root canal treatment doesn't cause pain. To help you recognize its true worth, read on.

What Root Canal Treatment Can Fix

If a bacterial infection has attacked the innermost part of the tooth, often referred to as the pulp, a root canal treatment can help stop it. The infection may advance towards the tip of the root through little passageways called root canals. In many people, the infection in the pulp of the root initially presents with a sharp pain that may suddenly disappear in a few days.

Because the infection attacks the inner pulp tissue that contains the nerve fibers and blood vessels, when the nerves die, they stop relaying pain signals. This is the trickiest part of the pulp infection since, although the nerves die, the infection is still present. As it advances, a person starts to experience pain when they bite down or after encountering hot foods. A patient may also have tenderness and swelling around the nearby gums.

How a Root Canal Treatment stops the Infection

A periodontist performs a root canal treatment to remove the dead or infected tissue and then cleanses the pulp chamber. To access the pulp chamber, the dental specialist makes a small access hole in the biting surface of the tooth. Once the dead tissue is removed, the dentist shapes and prepares the empty pulp chamber as well as root canal using microscopic equipment to allow a special filling. When the dental professional fills the chamber, he or she seals the tooth to prevent re-infection. A permanent crown is later on installed for maximum protection.

During the procedure, there is no pain because the tooth, as well as the surrounding gums, are anesthetized prior to the procedure. However, after the procedure, you may encounter mild discomfort, often for a few days. You can relieve the discomfort with OTC medications. Kindly request a consultation for a root canal treatment if you are experiencing pain and your root's pulp part is infected.

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