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Candidate for sedation dentistry

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Evan
Candidate for sedation dentistryDental anxiety is real and affects both young and old. We have experienced many patients who come to the office and have a real fear of getting to the dentists. This fear is mostly due to the wrong perception of the dentist's office. As such, people associate a dental clinic with pain and therefore, many can even decide not to come at all. To prevent such a scenario, we usually recommend sedation dentistry since it helps stop dental anxiety and enables them to receive effective treatment.


Children are usually the first candidates for sedation at the office. Many kids are jumpy and cannot remain still on the chair. This can be harmful as the dentist will be using sharp objects, which require precision. The constant movement can create an unsafe environment, and therefore sedation becomes necessary. Because of the fear of pain, children are usually sedated so that they can agree to receive the treatment.

People With Sensitive Teeth

If you have very sensitive teeth, sedation dentistry might be good for you. With sensitive teeth, you are susceptible to feeling uncomfortable and some slight pain, which might be unpleasant for you. Sedation will be helpful to get you through the treatment session.

If You Require an Invasive Operation

Some dental procedures at the clinic require that you be sedated for effective treatment. For instance, receiving dental implant treatments requires that you undergo surgery on your gums. To prevent the chances of feeling pain, sedation is usually applied.

Sedation dentistry is safe, and no complications can arise. We have qualified anesthesiologists at the clinic who are experienced and well-trained to administer sedation dentistry. If you require any dental treatment, and you have dental anxiety, you need not worry as we will help you through the process and receive optimal care.

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