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The Definition of Periodontitis

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Evan
The Definition of PeriodontitisPeriodontitis is a gum disease where the gums become inflamed; the early signs to identify the condition are swelling, reddening, and bleeding. Periodontitis happens when the bacteria flourish and enter periodontal pockets destroying the gum line. Treatment available involves deep cleaning, and in cases where the disease is advanced, surgery can be performed.

The Symptoms of Periodontitis

The symptoms of periodontitis are gums that are receding. Receding gums is where the tissue pulls back, and more teeth are exposed. This makes the teeth look longer in size. The toxins produced by the bacteria cause infection to destroy the tissues that support the bone. This makes the bone look weaker than the teeth, which is helping. Another symptom is bleeding.

If one experiences bleeding while eating, brushing, or flossing, they can have periodontitis. Plaque releases harmful toxins which produce bacteria infecting the tissues and triggering bleeding. Another sign is reddening swelling and pain in the gums. It is advisable to halt the increase of the infection before the jawbone and gum tissues are affected. Treating the disorder before is advantageous since it avoids the disease being driven into the bloodstream.

Other Signs a Periodontal Patient Might Have

Halitosis is another sign; bad breath can be caused by food particles that remain between the teeth and below the gum line. If the pockets are deep, more food particles and bacteria are stored and thus, a foul odor is caused. If periodontics progress at a higher rate, the patient might experience loose teeth.

When the bone tissue has been affected, the teeth anchored firmly to the jawbone loosen, and the teeth can change in position. Pus can also ooze out between the teeth. The pus shows the body is fighting a bacterial infection. They best way to identify if a patient has periodontal disease is to come see one of our dental experts. Call us today!
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