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Which Complications can Occur in a Pregnant Patient with a Periodontal Disease

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Evan
Which Complications can Occur in a Pregnant Patient with a Periodontal DiseaseImproving the oral health of pregnant women can be an effective way to prevent cases of children having cavities. It is a pregnancy that women who have never had issues with their teeth or gums start having signs of periodontal illness and cavities.

For prenatal care, oral health is considered essential. This is because poor dental health exposes the fetus and mother to a high risk of periodontitis. When pregnant patient fails to attend frequent dental checkups, they develop signs of periodontal diseases, which could come with various complications like those listed below.

Periodontal Diseases Can Cause Low Birth Weight To The Fetus

Not only is it unhealthy and risky for the fetus to be birthed early, but it is also one main cause of developmental delays. For instance, babies born with low birth weight, as low as 5.5 pounds, are at risk of developing other disabilities and are slow in learning skills. The low birth weight caused by periodontal infections can be prevented by treating the illness as early as the second trimester.

Periodontal Illness can Cause Preeclampsia

Periodontal illness in pregnant women makes them at risk of preeclampsia. During pregnancy, doctors keep monitoring their patients' preeclampsia just to ensure that the mother and the unborn are safe. Most pregnancies are badly impacted by periodontal diseases because preeclampsia puts the mothers at high risk of losing their lives if it is not controlled.

Periodontal Diseases Can Cause Early Births

There is an association between early birth and periodontal disease. Multiple studies confirm that pregnant women who go through the whole pregnancy without dental checkups are at risk of giving birth early. To some extent, periodontal disease is the main cause of pregnancy losses. If found with periodontal disease, there is no need for alarm because, with professional control, you and your young will both do fine.

Besides, apart from prevention, effective treatment can be done during the second stage of pregnancy. However, some complications during pregnancy can be caused by other factors, which can be confused with periodontal disease. Therefore, to end the confusion among pregnant patients, the dentist and a general doctor will work together to check whether danger can be found and prevented.

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