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Sinus Lift

Bone grafting is typically recommended for potential dental implant patients as a way to increase mass in the jaw to increase implant stability. If you have lost teeth in the upper jaw, you may have been recommended a sinus lift. Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS can perform this procedure, which increases bone mass and strength in your upper jaw with the use of a bone graft.

Why is a Sinus Lift Necessary?

Your jawbone is no longer the same following tooth loss, no matter if the teeth have fallen out due to trauma or gum disease, or they have been extracted. Once the teeth are gone, the bone loses stimulation, and the body begins to think that it is no longer necessary. This results in fewer nutrients going to that area of the bone, causing it to resorb. In the upper jaw, this does not just affect the jawbone, it can also impact the sinus cavities. As the bone resorbs and the sinus cavities expand, the space between the jaw and these cavities thins. Because of this, it becomes more difficult to place dental implants. There may not be enough bone to support the posts. Additionally, with insufficient bone, the posts may accidentally break into the sinus cavities. Should this happen, you may be at risk for suffering chronic sinus infections.

Does Everyone Need a Sinus Lift?

Not everyone who loses teeth in the upper jaw, particularly around the premolar and molar region, necessarily needs a sinus lift. If you have recently lost your teeth and still have sufficient bone mass remaining, it is entirely possible to place dental implants simply. However, if you have lost significant bone mass, you have lost bone mass as a result of gum disease, you have large sinus cavities, or your sinus cavities are too close to the jawbone, a sinus lift may be suggested.

What Does Sinus Lift Surgery Entail?

A sinus lift is a surgery that also involves the use of a bone graft to improve the bone mass in the upper jaw and protect the sinus cavities during dental implants. After exposing the bone, we make an opening in the jawbone. The floors of your sinus cavities are gently pushed upward. Bone grafting material is then packed into the space underneath. Once complete, your gums are sutured closed, and you will be able to begin the recovery process.

Will I Get My Implants Right Away?

Implants are not placed right after a sinus lift. First, your jawbone needs to heal and regain its strength. This can take anywhere from four to nine months to complete. This gives your jawbone the time it needs to heal properly, increasing the chances that any implants placed in that region will be successful. After your surgery, you will need to have several follow up appointments so that we can closely monitor your healing. Once you have healed sufficiently, we can then schedule you for dental implant surgery.

If you have been without teeth in your upper jaw for a while, you may first need a sinus lift to increase the success of dental implant treatment. Call Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS at 915-213-3455 today for more information.

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